All of the original images in this group were shot on film (transparency, negative, and instant), using a variety of vintage cameras. Nearly all of these image are medium or large format. This requires a slower, more considered approach to picture making, quite different from the digital camera milieu.

For the past several years I have been gathering images for this project by shooting film. (A very small quantity of vintage negatives found in old cameras, or in flea markets were added to the pool.) The individual photos, when taken, are not meant to be complete or even necessarily interesting by themselves, but are shot with the intention of combining them into something larger in the future. Making the combinations requires sifting through the hundreds of possible choices, and finding things that resonate together. The images are kept full frame, or else cropped minimally; using various film formats gives me variety of proportions. The photos are considered complete when the choices are finalized. When combined, the result is a single panoramic-format picture wherein the individual elements relate to and support each other visually and conceptually.

The way the combinations work is often intuitive and sometimes surprising, suggesting a hidden connectedness in a seemingly random environment.